Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm shocked. Shocked!

Thank you John McCain for bringing me one step closer to the view that government would be better off privatized.

It seems the good Senator -- he of the Straight Talking, tell it like it is, don't take no shit from anyone, Maverick reputation -- has once again demonstrated that said reputation is pretty much a bunch of horseshit. In this charming display of cravenness, McCain demonstrates once again that his lust for the Presidency is exceeded only by his willingness to sell out everything he believes in to get there.

Remember how, way back in 2000, McCain stood up in the Republican primary and denounced the religious whack-jobs at Bob Jones University for banning interracial dating? Yes, it was a bold move on the part of the Senator, standing proudly against anti-Miscegenation laws. In 2000. Still, it was a step in a nice direction, disavowing both the always-popular play-on-lingering-racism-in-the-South strategy and taking a swipe at the Christianist base. That's back when McCain still believed that it was possible to win the Republican nomination by appealing to, you know, reason. Oops. Seems that the GOP faithful don't go in for that sort of thing so much. How else to explain the fact that 30-some percent of Americans still approve of the job President Bush is doing?

At any rate, McCain seems determined not to repeat his mistakes. Thus we have The Maverick today begging Christianist-in-Chief Jimmy Dobson to please, pretty please vote for me. You see, Jimmy doesn't like The Maverick because Jimmy believes that God hates fags. Now McCain believes this too; like Jimmy, The Maverick thinks that there should be laws preventing people who love each other from getting married if those people happen to share the same set of plumbing. It's just that McCain, struggling mightily to hold on to his last remaining shreds of dignity, thinks that states ought to be permitted to decide for themselves whether or not to let gays get married. Apparently The Maverick has read some crap from a bunch of dead white dudes who clearly cared way too much about the Enlightenment and not nearly enough about Leviticus.

Anyone who reads my blog even sort-of regularly knows that I haven't much patience for those who oppose gay marriage. I think that (a) marriage isn't the sort of thing that governments in a free society should be regulating in the first place, and (b) even if the state does get into the regulation business, refusing to let some people marry because you don't happen to agree with their choices is paternalism of the worst sort. Plus, (c) homosexuality is a perfectly natural, normal, biological sort of thing. I prefer large breasts; you prefer ripped pecs. Some like both. It's all brain chemistry anyway. Why are we getting so worked up about it? Besides, in another generation (read: once we get the Baby Boomers out of the way), our kids will look back at the whole gay marriage debate as incredulously as we Gen-Xers look at miscegenation laws. Well, we non-Bob Jones Alumni Gen-Xers, anyway.

Back to the initial point...well, actually, I'm not really sure what the initial point was supposed to be. McCain is a hypocrite? Well, yeah, but we already knew that. A big chunk of the GOP consists of racists and homophobes? Check and check. Said racist homophobes hide behind Christianist rhetoric? Yep. Christianists dance to Jimmy's tune? Okay. Oh, well. Take your pick. If I'm not being all that original, then too damn bad. I'm feeling lazy, but told myself that I have to write something even if I don't much feel like it. So there. Demanding bastards.


Anonymous Wild Pegasus said...

Politician acts political. Pardon me while I die of shock.

- Josh

12:27 PM  

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